No Love Is Ever Lost

October 30th, 2012

“No relationship is ever truly over, and as hard as it may seem to believe sometimes, no love is ever lost. We are eternal, we are timeless, and so are our connections with one another. We’re fooled by our physical senses into believing that something is gone, blinding us to what has been gained, but whether or not we sense the gain, it’s still imparted.

No love is ever lost because whether or not the relationship continues, the good compounds and its effects will outlast any pain or suffering in the long run. What truly hurts when a relationship ends is our pride… Use the pain, trace it back to its source, and get a handle on why you feel less when obviously you’re the exact same person you were prior to feeling it.”
— Mike Dooley

Anita Bergen — Even though a relationship is over, remember the good — the love that the Universe brought you together to create. No love is ever lost; no good deed is ever in vain.

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