Facing Life’s Challenges

September 23rd, 2010

“One of the most important truths we can know when facing life’s challenges is the following: this experience came to give me soul-growth and to bless me. If we seek to avoid the experience, we deprive our self of the blessing contained therein. We often forget the Laws of Mind-Action and Cause and Effect. If we didn’t need the experience for our growth, it would be unlikely to come to us. Or if it did, we wouldn’t be affected or even bothered! We would serenely and confidently move through the situation.”
— Sir John Marks Templeton

AB — Life’s challenges are meant to be uncomfortable. By choosing to accept these challenges, we are forced to adapt and to change by evolving and overcoming our fears. When we avoid challenges, we cannot move forward, forcing a dreaded repetition of the test at another time.

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